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Taking Back my Health


My journey started back in 2017. Yes! Over 4 years ago….but, I truly was sitting on a geyser Called Subluxation that had been festering for years that had laid dormant that I kept putting a Band-Aid on with Tylenol. Shortly after the death of my dad, I was on a mission to get in better health with the scale tipping over 300lbs at the time. I was in the 30’s and on beta Blockers, Diabetic medication and it was looking like an insulin pump was not too far from becoming a reality. I had taken part in a 90 day detox and had released 75lbs in 4 ½ months and it was suggested that I find a Chiropractor to extend the results to all facets of my body. I just so happened to attend the Village Pointe Farmers Market that year and low and behold Family First Chiropractic was there doing screenings. So, I entertained it and allowed the process to roll out. I went to my first consultation. My neck/spine was so out of whack I was unsure how I even functioned. They had gotten me adjusted to only find out I had a degenerative disc. But, unfortunately I didn’t have the means to continue services at the time. So I went on my way and did the best I could until one morning in November of 2019 (almost 2 years later) I woke up and could barely walk. My first instinct was to call Family First because of the wonderful experience I had, had with Dr. Jeremiah and the team. I had taken the necessary steps to take care of me this time and knew I didn’t want to go back to square one; I had worked so hard to get to where I was. This was quite a commitment for me as I had to drive from Fremont multiple times a week for months straight working my way to just 1x per week. I knew I was worth it! I am now at my one year anniversary of receiving Chiropractic care and I am in the best shape of my life. I have now whittled my way down below the 200’s all by eating right, biking and of course the great care from the Ah-Mazing Chiropractors. I am currently off ALL Beta Blockers and Diabetic Medications. I am so grateful to the Family First team.


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