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Patient reviews for Family First Chiropractic

Eric T, Age 45

Patient Reviews for Family First ChiropracticFor five years I suffered with low back pain, left leg pain and foot numbness, neck herniation and left hand numbness. At my worst, I was on the floor in the fetal position… Dr. Joel came to speak at our church and my family all signed up for a checkup. I continued to see improvement in each of them, so I scheduled my checkup… I went from reluctant and miserable to living the life I want to live. I can do whatever I want, when I want now… Family First is our family away from family. They are all so positive and encouraging. The positivity is definitely powerful and a great addition to the main reason we’re there.

Betty G, Age 94

In April of 2004 I started to have pain in my face, it progressed from intermittent shooting to almost unbearable pain. The dentist couldn’t find a problem with my teeth. I went to my doctor, and she prescribed painkillers that made me feel very weak and did not do anything for the pain. My daughter asked me if I wanted to go to her chiropractor… It took about 3 or 4 adjustments, but I finally began to feel better and I was off the the painkillers within a month. I still go to Family First Chiropractic every other week to keep things lined up correctly. Thank you Dr Joel!!!!!!!

Harper J, Age 4

Harper had so many ear infections during the first two years of her life that her doctor recommended tubes. Harper was still miserable. I was tired of always treating her after she was sick and wanted to be more proactive… We have been coming to Family First Chiropractic for about a year and it is making a difference with her immune system. She hasn’t had an ear infection since last year. Since Harper is sick less, she misses less school, we miss less work, her appetite has improved, and she’s happier! We would much rather prevent illness than have to treat it after she’s sick. We’re our own advocates and have to make the best decision to be healthier!

Heather R, Age 27

Before beginning chiropractic care I suffered from depression and anxiety bouts, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraines. Now, after regular chiropractic adjustments, I have not had ANY IBS flare-ups, and my migraines are nearly non-existent. The most remarkable change, though, is how I feel… I find that am able to handle stress without the bouts of depression and anxiety that used to be debilitating.

I am such a believer in the power of taking care of your nervous system that my 8 year old son now gets adjusted. The results have been remarkable for him as well. He no longer has to take his ADHD medications, and allergies that he has struggled with since he was a toddler are no longer an issue. I am now a tremendous advocate for chiropractic and a lifelong patient.

Janet B, Age 59

Four years ago I called Family First Chiropractic in a desperate attempt to get relief from some excruciating pain. Now my pain is managed and chiropractic continues to play an important part in my wellness… Chiropractic gives me more energy to do the things I love. I can run around with my grandkids and my dogs. I don’t just go to the gym, I enjoy going to the gym! Oh, and a little weight loss is an added bonus, along with taking a lower dosage of thyroid pills and the elimination of my high blood pressure medication. Chiropractic has turned back the clock on aging… When you allow your body to take care of itself naturally through chiropractic you empower yourself! Keep that power on!

Jessie S, Age 30

For years I’ve dealt with back pain – sometimes severe – and my back giving-out would put me in bed for days at a time. Hospital visits were nothing out of the ordinary. After being diagnosed with Scoliosis and Degenerative Disc Disease, I was prescribed an array of different medications, but they were only a temporary fix… In the four short months that I have been getting adjusted, I have seen major improvements. I am no longer on any medications for back pain; I’m able to exercise regularly; and most importantly, I’m able to stay active with my kids. My energy levels have increased, which has resulted in a better quality of life. I am SO grateful for Dr. Joel and his supportive team for encouraging me through this process. I highly recommend having your spine evaluated as part of your routine health exam.

Joseph N, Age 26

I am so grateful to have found Family First as I know that I would be “making it through” without fully addressing my problems. I now feel that I am able to better focus on my family without being distracted by my PTSD from spending four years in Iraq and Afghanistan as a marine. I feel that the team at Family First truly cares about my well being and has made an effort to get to know me and what I want to accomplish. They check in on my progress towards reaching personal goals and motivate me to continue working hard. I cannot thank the Family First team enough for the care I have received and the progress they have helped me to achieve.

Julie F, Age 48

I really didn’t think my spine was in bad shape until I came to Dr. Joel’s office and had x-rays showing just how subluxated I really was… After seeing Dr Joel twice I was seeing everything much brighter, and I had so much more energy. I started eating right and exercising and feeling much more healthy. I used to get sinus infections frequently. I haven’t had to go to the ENT for 6 months.

After I was seeing results I knew my son would benefit from Dr Joel as well… He has ADHD and is taking meds. Just after a few adjustments Michael was more focused at school. By the end of the school year he was doing so much better that his teacher couldn’t believe the change in him. He can’t wait to go to summer school!

Kat M, Age 17

I started having back pain earlier this year. The doctors at the hospital didn’t know what was wrong. I had to take time off of weightlifting until the pain was gone. As soon as I started lifting again the pain came back. It became so bad that it was painful to sit in class or stand during chapel. Finally my coach told me about how one of his friends went to a chiropractor for back pain. I was skeptical at first but I decided to try it out. The FFC team were the first people to tell me what was actually wrong with me. Throughout my adjustments my back has continued to get better. I’ve noticed that if I do tweak my back, my recovery time is so much faster than it was before.

Tahnee H, Age 38

We had been trying to get pregnant for about 2 ½ years and hadn’t had any luck. My cycle became very erratic. Dr. Joel showed where subluxations were affecting my thyroid and my ovaries. We started seeing Dr. Joel in January. Within the first month I had my first NORMAL cycle in over 2 years! When the second cycle didn’t come I was disappointed. However, to my surprise WE WERE PREGNANT!!! We also know that our son will be getting adjusted from the time he is born! We want only the best for ourselves and our child!

We look forward to the opportunity to amaze you with the results you can see from Chiropractic Care.

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