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Chiropractic care isn’t just about your spine. It involves the nervous system and every part of your body. The overall goal of my chiropractic care is to improve my musculoskeletal health, which impacts your daily function and quality of life. For this reason, my chiropractic care has improved a variety of conditions and disorders including shingles, rotator cuff muscle sprain and foot pain. My back has been diagnosed as being a unique case and I am happy to report that the doctors at FFC have mastered keeping my back in alignment for the past five years!

When the doctors at FFC get “Your Power On”, they are improving your body’s biomechanical dysfunctions. You start to experience a host of unexpected benefits, such as improved immune system, more energy, lower blood pressure, improved digestion, easier breathing, better balance, reduce stress, restful night of sleep and improved range of motion.

I (Cindy) want to be healthy and active as I age. Your spine and nervous system must be healthy to do this. The only way to live at the highest potential possible is to be adjusted on a regular basis.

Family First Chiropractic is passionate about investing in the health and wellness of every patient. I have referred co-workers, family and friends to share the benefits of chiropractic care at FFC. After several years, I even got my husband Lester to see the doctors at Family First. He loves to joke around with Dr. Joel! I have seen so many benefits from chiropractic care in my husband, and I am so proud that he is getting regular adjustments now.

We recently renew our wedding vows to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary and I was able to wear my original wedding dress. I want to stay young and active with Lester for the next 40 years!


Family First Chiropractic has been serving families of the Omaha community and beyond for over 10 years. People of all ages and and health limitations have sought out Family First Chiropractic for specific Gonstead Chiropractic Care. If you want to learn more about this specific technique, click on the Chiropractic Care tab here on the website. You can also contact us with any questions or to schedule an appointment with us through the Contact Us tab.

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