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A Gift Worth Keeping

I began my journey with Family First Chiropractic about a year ago. I was dealing with significant lower back pain and feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I was working full time and had become the primary caregiver for my husband, Terry, who had been going through a myriad of significant health issues and was wheelchair bound. He came across a YouTube video about a chiropractor who was trained in the Gonstead method. Terry encouraged me to find a Gonstead chiropractor and that led me to Family First Chiropractic. I have a long history with back problems. I have scoliosis so I’m starting out off balance, and years of poor habits and poor posture have caught up with me. I had been to a chiropractor in my early 20s but I didn’t really have an understanding of how chiropractic care could help my overall functioning. It was more of a get adjusted when I felt I needed it. Flash forward many years later (age 54) and now I was feeling the stress of life along with our constant state of problem solving with Terry’s ever-evolving health issues- we were a mess!
Then I met Dr. Jeremiah. I had my evaluation and ended up in tears during that first evaluation because I knew I was stressed out but didn’t realize exactly how much it was affecting me-it all just poured out. Dr. Jeremiah was so kind and supportive! I was really impressed when he encouraged my husband Terry to join us by zoom to explain my evaluation results because Terry was not able to come with me to the appointment due to health issues and limitations. It’s all in the details and care! I started my treatments in June and in August Terry unexpectedly passed away. I knew I needed to continue my chiropractic care but was a bit unsure about going in for appointments with my emotional state.
I called and left a message to let the staff know what was going on and that I felt like I needed to keep up my care but if I was a mess they would know why. As always the front desk staff was kind, supportive and so caring. Dr. Jeremiah and Dr. Joel went above and beyond and were so thoughtful and caring during this time. Everyone just gave me the TLC I needed and helped me through this extremely difficult time. I feel like my husband gave me a huge gift that has continued to help me when he was no longer here to offer me care and support. It took awhile, but with consistent care from Dr. Jeremiah and an occasional visit with Dr. Joel I am pain free.
My posture is improving, I have more energy, and I even started a specific health program and have lost 30+ pounds! Family First Chiropractic you have provided me with care, support, improved health and so much more. You all have a special place in my heart! Thank you for all you do!
-Julie N, age 54

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